Exactly! I have, as I am sure many of you have, (if you are visiting this blog) had it with this show! And I am saddened by the rapid decline of what was once a brilliantly written and acted show!! Since the episode entitled The Right Stuff, I have been concerned about the future of one of my favorite hours of television viewing each week. But I stuck with it, through the ridiculous premise of House holding a hiring contest similar to Survivor, hoping that the show I once found so captivating would one day return. And all House fans were waiting for this day, the return after so long without it. But after tonight’s ridiculous episode, I am instead saying let’s go back to Season One and, as an a season four episode is entitled – “Don’t Ever Change”!!

So, how do we appeal to the writers and producers, or Fox Network itself, to save this show from mediocrity and restore it to the brilliancy we all witnessed years before? Or am I doomed to watch the first three seasons on DVD and forget watching new episodes from this day forward?

Please, I welcome your input…